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Destiny 2

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Joan_of_Boatにより編集済み: 2/26/2019 10:36:53 PM

Locked post... Excuse me? What?

[spoiler]Personally, I don't care about the NPC Cayde because he is the most overrated character that I find very unfunny in Destiny 2, and the only thing I miss is his treasure maps. If they wanted to me to care, they could just rip out all his dialogue in the game to make it seem like he is truly gone. [/spoiler] However, this guy misses Cayde so much that he threatens to no longer live anymore. A ninja comments by copy and pasting Bungie's responce message to suicide which also includes suicide prevention lines. He is doing what he was told to do. It's basically a dirty [url=]meme[/url]. OP's post! RIP!



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