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2/21/2019 11:38:29 PM

Thank you Bungie!!!

I'll be the first to say it(if others haven't already). THANK YOU!!! Two of my concerns were taken care of in Sandbox: Shotgun range and OEM. Thank you. All I wanted was a range reduction(though it's nice seeing rapid fires adjusted as well) and you guys delivered from what it sounds like. And I Titan main but I don't use OP crutch Exotic armor like Hunters had and we were graciously given. I complained of Wormhusk and in doing so agreed to myself that I wouldn't use something like that if we ever got it. It was so annoying knowing you were 1v1ing someone and they didn't have skill just an armor piece that was way too forgiving. Already I'm excited for the new Season(not that I wasn't). But honestly, you guys deserve a thank you on those points because those were all I wanted to see. THANK YOU!



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