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どの Destiny リリースもメンテナンスのため、一時的にオフラインです。@BungieHelp で更新情報を確認してください。


2/15/2019 6:07:14 PM

XB1 Clan - OPEN FOR RECRUIT - ⚠️LFGamers!⚠️ Gamers who want to game. Endgame. Crucible. Grind exotics or pinnacle weapons. Quality over quantity. Always. I want gamers that want to actively play Destiny 2, explore its secrets, enter the crucible or the raid and all its challenges. I want gamers who welcome open communication and are respectful to one another. If the above sounds like you and something you’d enjoy? Join up. * NOTE HERE: Passage is more than a clan to raid with, it’s also a community of players that are in the company of like minded and sometimes like interests. I welcome people who want to also play with others not just play for engrams. We are Discord friendly & use it frequently! Join in!



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