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Yagerweister1358により編集済み: 2/14/2019 2:44:59 PM

Open cross platform play

Tired of sitting around waiting for 20 min lfg for nightfall. Raids are basically impossible and there’s no point even lfg ing for older ones on pc bc no ones playing, the game literally feels like a ghost town on pc. Please look into cross platform play so pc players don’t all leave bc of lack of player base. Edit:Keep pvp and PlayStation separate if need be.... just sick and tired of not being able to raid bc the playerbase is so small on pc. Again keep the cross platform play pve would be amazing bc I could then play with friends I left on Xbox due to 30fps and poor graphics. Edit 2: another option would be to make an in game lfg system instead of having to use app or third party sites.



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