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2/13/2019 7:54:54 PM

Blood and Water: Part 39

[spoiler]Cell-3=Celle Briggs Student Nazo=Nate Briggs (Dead) Snowy=Miss Snow HoTh=John Hothman xX_miniatimat_Xx=Mini (Dead) TheGreatAdidas=Greg Adler VP Hammer=Xavier (Dead) Mjolnirschpang=Mjol/Mr. Mortis (Dead) NIL=Ninette (Dead) MØØSE=Tom "Moose" Martin Artemis=Arty Crowe (Dead) Verminator=Verm Digsby (Dead) Zbruh=Zhenya Deatheater200=Jason Darth Turtle=Daniel Turk Ems468=Ems (Dead) OrangeTwelve=Oran JestingWorm697=Mr. Jester Batpug74=Bat Secondary character: John Watson=Walter "Watts" Hutsen (Dead)[/spoiler] The next three days went by in a blur. When they arrived in England, John surrendered himself to the law. He and Bat were taken into custody and given separate trials. Moose was present at both. John confessed fully to every crime he and the others had committed, along with providing all the details necessary to their plans. The hidden tunnels, the abandoned rooms, the ingredients to the Omega, everything. In the end he was sentenced to sixty years for his cooperation. Bat was given a life sentence Everyone was questioned by the police and gifted a medal for civilian service. Snow, Moose, Oran and Celle promptly dropped theirs in the ocean, while Jason kept his to use as a bottle opener, and Greg gave his to his son as a toy. Mr. Jester and Daniel kept theirs, and Zhenya killed a bear with his, but that's another story The bodies of the dead were taken back to their families. Oran bore his best friend Ems back to her parents in England, and Arty and Verm were buried in their hometown cemeteries with their family. Greg stayed in England to find Mini's brother, and Xavier, Mjol, and Ninette were gone without a trace, no one knowing (or caring) where they were buried. Two days later Celle, Moose, Snow, and Jason were on another, much smaller boat back to America. Back home, where Celle would bury his brother, Jason would continue to drink himself sick, Snow would try to find a job, and Moose would go back to writing, none of them ever the same as when they stepped onto that boat To be continued, one last time



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