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LOLにより編集済み: 2/3/2019 10:05:36 PM

Can't progress in new DLC due to Gofannon Sniper being removed from inventory

I was in the process of completing the part where I need to get 25 of those fallen parts but they weren't dropping so I called it a day and logged off. The next time I logged in the quest was just gone and I'm unable to access the Gofannon Forge until I "unlock it" which I need this sniper quest to do. Any ideas or account fixes please? Edit: I logged in again after making this post and have the Gofannon Forge Unlocked. I would however greatly like the ability to make that sniper and having it removed from my account for absolutely no reason just seems unfair. Can it be added back or something? Until then I guess I'll just grab a random weapon and complete it, though I feel I'm really missing out on that gun.



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