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1/31/2019 8:47:46 AM

Why isn't impact stat accurate for Last Word and Sleeper

With the release of Last Word, I couldn't help but be bothered by the fact that last word does more body damage (which I assume is its base damage and what is reflected in the impact stat) than the precision archetype that it shares its impact stat with. For the unaware, Last Word does 68 on crit and 50 on a body. That's nowhere similar to the other precision hand cannons; for example West of Sunfall 7 does 57 to the head and 39 to the body. Last Word's body damage matches those hand cannons in the aggressive archetype (e.g., Duke MK). So why doesn't TLW have the same impact as Duke when they do the same base damage? The same issue I have with Last Word I have with Sleeper Stimulant. Sleeper has the same impact as the legendary linear fusions, but we all know that Sleeper shots do more damage overall, so why doesn't it's impact stat reflect that? So my understanding of the impact stat is that it's based on the body shot damage of weapons. For a majority of weapons, this understanding makes sense; weapons with higher body shot damage have higher impact (within a single weapon type, of course). Then we get Last Word and Sleeper that have higher body shot damage than the other weapons with the same impact. Is there more to impact than just body shot damage? If there isn't, can TLW and Sleeper have their impact stats increased to better reflect their increased damage? It doesn't make sense for me to compare TLW to a West of Sunfall, and compare Sleeper to Crooked Fang, and then see that even with the same impact they do different body shot damage (especially since neither TLW nor Sleeper have in their perks a buff in body damage as a way of explaining the extra damage)



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