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Blood and Water: Part 36

[spoiler]Cell-3=Celle Briggs Student Nazo=Nate Briggs (Dead) Snowy=Miss Snow HoTh=John Hothman xX_miniatimat_Xx=Mini (Dead) TheGreatAdidas=Greg Adler VP Hammer=Xavier (Dead) Mjolnirschpang=Mjol/Mr. Mortis NIL=Ninette (Dead) MØØSE=Tom "Moose" Martin Artemis=Arty Crowe (Dead) Verminator=Verm Digsby (Dead) Zbruh=Zhenya Deatheater200=Jason Darth Turtle=Daniel Turk Ems468=Ems (Dead) OrangeTwelve=Oran JestingWorm697=Mr. Jester Batpug74=Bat Secondary character: John Watson=Walter "Watts" Hutsen (Dead)[/spoiler] "EMS!" Screamed Oran. He tried to move forward but Bat turned the gun upon him. "Don't move!" He shouted. He slowly pulled himself to his feet and began to back out of the room, keeping the gun trained on Oran. He flung open the door and ran. They chased after him but Oran stayed behind with Ems's body. He held her and wept as her freshly spilled blood stained his grey suit, and the warm red liquid streamed over her face Zhenya burst through the door and saw Bat sprinting down the hall. He went through another door and out to the deck. Zhenya and the others followed. They went through the door to find a deck crowded with people. "Spread out!" Ordered Daniel. They split up and pushed through the crowd, bumping into people at every turn. Jason ran off towards the end of the deck when suddenly he was pushed to the floor as a wave of people began moving in the opposite direction, screaming and yelling. Jason stood up and fought against the crowd, shoving them aside as they scrambled away. He stopped as he noticed Zhenya crouched behind a table. He ducked behind it when he saw Bat, skulking about looking for them. He had hid his gun beneath his shirt after the panic caused by it, and was wiping Ems's blood off of his face with a ladies scarf he had stolen. "What do we do?" Whispered Jason "Kill" replied Zhenya. With that he stood up and kicked aside the table, charging at Bat like an angry bull. Bat whipped out his gun but was too late. Zhenya tackled him to the ground and sent the gun flying. Jason limped after it and scooped it off the floor. The crowd around them screamed and ran away. Greg and Mr. Jester were attracted to the commotion and leapt forward to help pin Bat to the ground. "Who are you!" Yelled Greg "Names Bat" he said through his gritted teeth. "Pleasure to meet you" ____________________________________________ Nearly and hour later, after trudging the length of the ship and taking care of Ems, the group returned to their room with Bat in custody. Celle pushed open the door to find Moose and Snow sitting in the two armchairs, talking. "Moose! Are you alright?" Said Greg, surprised to see him awake so soon. "I've been better" croaked Moose. His voice was harsh and his face was a sickly green color. "Come in and sit down. We need to talk" They shuffled into the little room. "Fancy seeing you again" Bat said cheerfully to Moose. "I was sure you'd be dead by now" "Gag him. Tie him up. Bind his ears." Commanded Moose, looking upon Bat coldly. "We shouldn't take our eyes off him, considering what happened last time." Jason and Celle scrounged together every curtain tie, string, scarf, and bits of rope they could. They bound him tightly to a chair and tied the scarves thickly around his ears as to not hear their conversations. "You first. What happened?" Asked Moose. Celle quickly recounted all that had happened that morning. After hearing about Ems, Oran began to sob again. "Moose, what happened to you?" Questioned Greg. Moose leaned back in his chair and retold to horrific tale of all that had happened that night, from the moment he was kidnapped to the moment he blacked out. After he was finished, the room was quiet, all its inhabitants shocked into silence "Mjol...... I can't believe it." muttered Celle. "He's going to gas the whole ship?!" Cried Greg. "Yes. Which is why we need to find him before we land in England. We're stopping there in thirty-six hours. We don't have much time" Said Moose. "Did he say how he's going to do it?" Asked Daniel "No. He doesn't even know if his poison works yet, since I'm still alive. He'll probably have to test it on someone else, and then make more. He only had a small tank of it. Not enough to kill a ship full of people." "So what's the plan?" Asked Mr. Jester" "I'm sorry, who are you?" Said Moose "This is Mr. Jester" said Greg. "He's been wanting to speak with all of us, and he helped catch Bat" "What did you want to talk about?" Asked Snow "I had hoped to ask each of you about Mr. Inglewood but I see now that it is not important at the moment. I am a psychologist and I treated Inglewood before he escaped." "Yes, that'll have to wait." Said Celle. "You might want to leave now before you get involved." "I'm already involved, and I must say I would like to help." Said Jester. "I am a passenger aboard this vessel after all, and I would like to see all of us reach England still breathing." "How do we know we can trust you?" Said Jason "There's no reason not to" replied Jester. "Actually there is" replied Snow. "Lets prove it" she strode to the table behind Bat and picked up his gun. She then ripped the scarves off his ears and mouth. Pressing the pistol to his head she screamed: "Who is that!" With her free hand she pointed to Jester. "I don't know" said Bat calmly. "I'll ask you again. Who is he!" "I don't know!" He repeated. Snow struck him across the face. "Tell me!" She yelled angrily, pushing the gun harder against his forehead. "Tell me or I swear I'll put a hole through your cerebrum! Finally, he broke "I don't know! I've never seen him before! Just put the gun down, please!" He cried. Snow put down the gun. "I trust Mr. Jester" she said "So what exactly is the plan?" Asked Jester again, still shocked by Snows sudden change in character "I don't know yet" said Moose sullenly. "I know one thing" said Daniel. "We need to let every man, woman and child aboard this boat know the danger they're in. They need to be prepared." "I've got an idea...." Said Mr. Jester. "You said Bat was an artist right? Untie him." Jester pulled out a drawer and fetched a piece of paper and a pencil. He shoved them into Bat's hands. "Draw them. Draw Mortis and that other one." "John" piped up Greg. "Yes, John. Draw them" repeated Jester. "And just for a little bit of motivation...." Jester picked up the pistol and pressed it against Bat's head once more. Within minutes, Bat had sketched out both of their faces, capturing their features in excellent detail. "We'll have him make copies and we'll hand them up" said Jester "That's an excellent idea" said Celle. "Get them to recognize the enemy and have them tell us" "I've been thinking about what Daniel said" said Jason. "About preparing everyone. I could write up a list of how to prepare yourself. Clog up the air vents, door crack, tie cloths around your face" "Yes, that sounds perfect. Get to it, we'll need a lot of copies." For an hour they worked hard at making copies of Jason's list, and Bat worked hard at making copies of his sketches. They took turns holding a gun to his head, just in case he tried anything funny with that pencil. Zhenya fetched eight hammers and boxes of nails from the crews inventory. When they had nearly one hundred copies of the list, and fifty copies of Bat's sketches, they ran about the ship nailing them in hallways, on doors, around the decks, and in every room available. Oran and Daniel even went straight to the captain to request that he announce their message over the loudspeakers and send a radio transmission to England, asking for help After Daniel had explained the situation in full detail, the captain said: "I can certainly make an announcement, but I'm afraid communications have been temporarily cut off. Just a technical problem, nothing to worry about." Oran and Daniel looked at each other. They knew this wasn't just a technical problem



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