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Bungie please respond!!!

Hello bungie!!!! I’m the ultimate destiny fan by far and have been one since d1 AND I LOVE CAYDE 6 I even made my guardian look almost exactly like him down to his horn on the forehead. I have posters figures funko pops all of it destiny!!!! Keep it up bungie but INE problem tho... I’m a single player and can’t play with other people because my parents don’t want me too and I don’t have any friends that play. How can I reach light lvl 600!?!? I’ve reached a point where I can’t go any further ... PLZ RESPOND and I am ur loyal to the end. BT7274 you’ll find me in every other day chillin on titan and reckin fools on the reef !!!!! BUT I NEED HELP signed loyal BT BY THE WAY if you could send me a message by mail I’m



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