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jacoremにより編集済み: 1/20/2019 5:43:55 PM

"Cabbage" error code

Just started to play Destiny 2, after the give away of this autumn, but I have many problems. After finishing downloading th game I started it, play a bit (let say 5 minute, disconnected just after the square with the waves) and then I couldn't play anymore due to the cabbgae error (tried many times). Quitting the game, repaired the files trough application, and relunch it. This time I could finish (running) the remaining part of the level, but then, after the video, the error happened again. Already followed the guide on how to "fix" the problem on technicolor modems, without success (and anyway, the modem is set to allowed all the traffic go to a better router between it and my PC). Due to network settings, therre is no way I could connect my PC directly to the modem. Any idea? Or at least the port nubers I should forward



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