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1/19/2019 9:26:04 PM

The Taken and the Dreadnought

So I say Ringer’s post about the moon, and that made me think about the Dreadnought and the Taken on it. So with the Red War, we just never went back to the Dreadnought. Makes sense, since the Cabal kept us busy and then Xol and Nokris and Uldren, but it doesn’t appear that we kept any tabs on the Dreadnought, which is bad for many reasons. The first is that we barely explored it in D1. There are probably countless Hive abominations and Taken Norris in its depths. With Oryx gone, they’ve been able to do whatever they wanted, unchallenged. And then with the Red War, they’ve been able to regain complete control of it. The second is that the Dreadnought is still a super weapon. All we did was [b]disable[/b], not destroy, its main weapon. Without us there keeping the Hive and Taken from gaining control, they’ve had a massive opportunity to repair said weapon. The third is the power hole we left on it. We did not replace Oryx, leaving a power vacuum in the Dreadnought. Any Hive could have [i]taken[/i] (pun intended) it. Even Savathun could have filled it. The Dreadnought just has stores of food for any worms hunger, so that the bearer can become immensely more powerful. If you disagree with any points or want to add any points, they are more than welcome



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