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Can All Pre-Forsaken Gear get Reaquired?

My vault is about to be full (420) and I have a lot of Year 1 gear and mostly old weapons and Hunter Armor that I don't use anymore, i'm so full that I only keep 1 Leg. armor piece each for my Titan and Warlock which is a little boring because I of course also want to collect cool looking armor w/ good perks for those classes as well and also have enough space to where I don't need to stock my Warlock & Titan with full 10/10 on everything which I then need to Move over to 1 other characther if I want to use my Titan for example which takes time and because of that I just don't bother and stay on my Hunter. This is both a Help and a Feedback Post. The question is: Can I Reaquire All Gear from Year 1 from Armor to Weapons? The feedback is: Please bring more Vault Space for the Joker's Wild DLC!



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