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1/17/2019 12:22:28 AM

9 Player EP lobbies/instances. EP Anniversary update

Thank you for the Mercury Vex Chrome btw. Unfortunately it was for my year set but whatever, it's the best shader. Could you set up an ambiant live stream of planets. like mars, so when im doing work i can just chuck it on. hudless. see ppl doing EP, like nature programming? On the subject of EP: How's about an EP anniversary update introducing 9 player lobbies. There are icons in the north and south regions on the director right? instanced off versions probs. doesn't have to be match made. you know the limits and you know it's possible :p The reason I bring it up was because I was watching some Evade videos on youtube, they used a clip of EP and seeing a horde of guardians running with hive swords is still just one of the coolest moments of this games career. I would love to be able to play it with my friends, it's too hard to convince them to do the lobby thing and I shouldn't have to in order to share that experience with them. Namaste :)



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