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1/15/2019 1:44:06 PM

Forge armor drops

So I want going to make this post initially until I checked how many forges I've done in this week, doing atleast 20 with the armor drop buff trying to just get legs on my titan to no success, not once, but I must have gotten 7 chests and arms and 3 marks, maybe one extra helmet, this is just, depressing because I put in so much work constantly thinking this has to be it, but lo and behold, it's another chest piece, I can't complete my rare bounty because of this, leading to me being unable to do shattered throne's quest step leading me to have to wait over a 3 week period because the effort I put in wasn't enough, I'd have thought there'd be a system in place for this already like most things in which you do the activity and you have a chance to get something you haven't gotten before to increase bit by bit, but this is statistically worse than ikelos, and I feel jipped.



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