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RingLeader77により編集済み: 1/15/2019 5:12:33 PM

Why The Moon Could Still Be A Threat.

Until the emergence of the Dreadnought during the Taken War, the Moon, Crota's Temple and surrounding regions were the bastion of our resident Hive broods. In Destiny 2, however we have seen neither hide nor hair of the Lunar Hive. Has anything changed lore-wise? Or logically are the Hive just crippled after the events of D1? I believe that the Moon is still a stronghold for the Hive in Sol. Although they lost their major leadership, the Lunar Hive had still continued to be a threat to the City up to the Red War. And with the reproductive swiftness of the Hive, who knows how many thousands have been bred since we set foot there. Now one very likely explanation would be that the Red Legion have killed or are fighting the Hive on the Moon. In Vanilla D2 it is suggested that perhaps the Legion had wiped out the Fallen on Venus, Mars, and yes, the Moon. If this is the case then they would have inevitably came into conflict with the Hive at the Hellmouth. If they are/were at war with the Hive then the Legion has/have not likely not won their fight. The Hive are ancient and powerful and have no shortage of abominations which could cause enough damage to the Legion or the City without it having to be the next Taken King. Our best case scenario logically is that the Red Legion is locked in a war of attrition with the Lunar Broods, therefore slowing down the Hive and Cabal warmachines. Our most optimistic scenario would be that the Legion won against the Hive and now that the Legion is destabilized them maybe the Moon is safe... But the most likely scenario is that the Hive that come from the Moon (particularly those wizards...) are still powerful and capable of horrors. Compared to the state of Titan and Mars, the Moon is likely the most infested site in the system outside the Dreadnought itself. Because while Titan is infested, they don't have deep, arcane dungeons and temples to help fuel their strength like they do on the Moon; and Mars has little seeding in it due to the fact that the Grasp of Nokris was trapped under ice for years. If the Moon Hive have not been dispersed by the Red Legion (which I find likely), then we very well may have a Hive super power in our backyard once more. And if so, they've had time to prepare.



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