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Uldren and the Dare

[Potential spoilers ahead, do the Oracle Offering first] ([i]Finally, something to talk about[/i]) So, Uldren is back as a guardian. Most people saw the cutscene when it was leaked, so this isn’t really big news. Now that it’s officially out, I can talk about it. Many people are giving their thoughts right now, emotions are rising. I want to summarize everything about this incident and dissect possible effects on the future. ________________________________________ Ok first, let’s address the obvious: “Uldren” isn’t Uldren anymore. No memories. He’s a blank slate, brought into a world he doesn’t understand. So maybe chill and don’t shoot him at first sight. So, new guardian, not Uldren? Nice, no more asshole Awoken prince. Weeeell, not entirely. Remember where he got revived? The Dreaming City. He’s likely to run into other guardians or Awoken Corsairs. They will recognize him, telling him who he is or even bringing him to Petra. If Uldren doesn’t escape the City unseen, it’s likely he will be confronted with his former self very soon. What that would do to him, finding out he’s a prince and was murdered for betrayal to his people, is almost impossible to foresee. I’m not going to make a guess since there is [i]so much[/i] that could happen. Let’s just ignore the previous part for a second. Let’s say Ex-Uldren makes it to the City without being discovered. He’s a new guardian so his ghost, presumably Pulled Pork, will try to take him there. He’ll definitely be recognized there. The Vanguard will know he’s not the old Uldren anymore. They should have to accept him as a new recruit, no matter his previous life. But that will prove difficult. He killed Cayde after all, and we guardians didn’t take that too lightly. [b]If[/b] they actually make him a proper guardian, he’ll be an outcast. If they don’t, he’ll have to leave the city and become either a Risen or something completely different. Sooo many possibilities. Either way, it will shake up the entire guardian world. There’s one more thing: Let’s say he gets to be a guardian, a Hunter to be precise. There [i]might[/i] be some [b]monumental[/b] implications: Remember the story mission where you went through Cayde’s hidden stashes on Titan. Every stash contained a message for people Cayde new, in the case they would kill him. Yeah, kinda strange. He left one message for any Hunter that might kill him. In the message he states that any Hunter that kills him, will get his position as Hunter Vanguard. Uldren killed Cayde. Now, many people believed that Guardian Uldren has to take Cayde’s place as Hunter Vanguard. If we only follow the logic presented in the message, that makes sense. But there are some...problems: 1. We’re not sure if the message is actually describing Cayde’s Dare. The Dare is usually something public. Moreover, Cayde never said that it’s a Dare. It might as well have been one of his jokes. 2. The Dare, historically, has to be agreed on by the Vanguard and the participants. 3. Uldren wasn’t a Hunter when he killed Cayde. Maybe he won’t even be a Hunter after the resurrection, but that’s unlikely. 4. He’s too inexperienced as a guardian. I’m not saying it’s impossible that Uldren becomes Hunter Vanguard. There are a lot of arguments for and against this theory. [i]Many variables will determine the fate of this new guardian, cursed by his previous life[/i]. ______________________________________________ I’m personally very happy they dared to make this move. Of course, I don’t like Uldren. This is not about that. There is [b]so much[/b] that can happen now. So many new possibilities for the story and characters. The emotions, reactions and events this could cause are uncountable. This will be a major event in Destiny storytelling. Destiny needs controversial events like this to give the characters room and time to develop. This needed to happen. ________________________________________________ I hope you enjoyed my take on this whole...thing. I’m happy I could make actual lore content again. I’ve been looking for exciting topics for a while now.



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