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1/9/2019 9:21:04 AM

Weapon Frames Not Appearing in Ada's Inventory

Howdy, I had just finished the quest to unlock Gofannon forge on my second character today (1/09/19) and had completed the weapon frame so I could start farming the hand cannon. I got the sniper, went to orbit, and headed to Ada-1 to get my next frame, but the weekly frames didn't show up in her inventory. All I saw were the daily bounties, research weapon frames, and the mod components, which are normally on page two, however there was no page two. I switched to my first character to see if the issue was present there too, but the weapon frames showed up as normal and the mod components were on page two as they should be. So I went back to character two to see if the bug had fixed itself, nope. Still nothing. Even after resetting the game, the frames still don't show on my second character. Not sure if this a bug that has already been looked in to, but it's keeping me from completing forges on this character, and that kinda sucks.



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