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1/2/2019 2:46:25 PM


Bungie, I just can't understand why there is a decision to enter the forge not from the orbit, like strike or raid, but loading into the planet, then wasting around 2 minutes traveling to another loading instance... Seems like it was made intentionally to waste time not having fun, can't see other reasons. Sure, it's fine when we open each forge for the first time or hunting for clues, but every time - it's horrible. Almost same thing with Ada-1, when completing frame conditions and receiving Radiant Matrix - there is a step to turn matrix into frame - like another time waster (travel to traveler so Ada-1 combines Radiant Matrix into frame... can't in be done on the fly or somehow more simple (npc/device in the forge or automatically in the inventory) Load times are just so time consuming, I feel more waiting then actually playing, all these travel steps are just frustrating.



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