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Blood and Water: Fifth signups (CLOSED)

As always you must provide a name that is similar to your username for your character. Only two spots this time, and so far a couple people are already waiting, so if you don't really want the spot, aren't all that interested in the story, or just want to sign up for no good reason, please leave the spot to others. Because we're very near the end of the story, these characters might not have very big roles or may not be in every chapter. [b][u]The Psychologist[/u][/b] [u]JestingWorm697[/u]Traveling with the mental hospital that housed Inglewood and Elway [b][u]The Artist[/u][/b] [u]Batpug74[/u] Recently employed by Mr. Mortis/Mjol [spoiler]This might be a good time to mention that I'll be out of town Wednesday through Tuesday. I'll try to get out a chapter while I'm away but might not be able to. If not, see you sometime after Tuesday[/spoiler]



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