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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 について話し合おう
1/2/2019 2:58:53 AM

Updated List of names of Guardians from different eras of Destiny

[b][u]DESTINY 1[/u][/b] [spoiler][b][u]Alphas[/u][/b]: Started playing D1 in the Alpha, June 2014. [b][u]Betas[/u][/b]: D1 Beta, July 2014. [b][u]Day-One-ers[/u][/b]: Day 1 of D1, September 2014. [b][u]Demo Folk[/u][/b]: Started with the free demo before buying D1, November 2014 and onwards (that’s me) [b][u]Enders of Crota[/u][/b]: Came in during Dark Below, December 2014 until May 2015 (also technically me, as I got the game 01/31/15) [b][u]Queen’s Wrath/Emissaries[/u][/b]: House of Wolves, May 2015 until September 2015. [b][u]Taken Tots[/u][/b]: Came in during TTK, September 2015 until April 2016. [b][u]Malok-Killers[/u][/b]: Started when the free update launched in April 2016 until September 2016. [b][u]Saladin’s Young Wolves[/u][/b]: Came during Rise of Iron, September 2016 until late March 2017. [b][u]Triumvirate[/u][/b]: Started during Age of Triumph, March 2017 until September 2017.[/spoiler] [b][u]DESTINY 2[/u][/b] [spoiler][b][u]2nd Betas[/u][/b]: Started with Destiny 2, began during D2 beta, July 2017. [b][u]Gary-Slayers[/u][/b]: Started with D2, began on day 1 of D2, September 2017. [b][u]2nd Demo Folk[/u][/b]: D2 demo, November 2017 and onwards. [b][u]Forest Rangers[/u][/b]: Started during Curse of Osiris, December 2017 until May 2018. [b][u]Wormeaters[/u][/b]: Warmind, May 2018 until September 2018. [b][u]Cayde’s Will[/u][/b]: Forsaken, September 2018 until December 2018. [b][u]Scourge of the Scourge[/u][/b]: Black Armory, December 2018 to present.[/spoiler] [b][u]OTHER REOCCURRING GENERATIONS[/u][/b] [spoiler][b][u]Christmas Noobs[/u][/b]: Got either Destiny 1 or 2 at Christmas of any year. [b][u]Birthers[/u][/b]: Got either D1 or 2 on your birthday of any year.[/spoiler] There, that’s all the generations as of January 1st, 2019. Feel free to say which one you are. As I mentioned, I started with D1’s demo in November 2014, got the full game during Dark Below in January of 2015.



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