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1/1/2019 6:12:34 PM

Making public events heroic

Like dont get me wrong I message as many people who dont know how to make it heroic, and explain how to make the event heroic, but when it comes to high level areas like the dreaming city and people still not getting these heroic events, makes it a pain trying to complete bounties, especially low level planets. And when people also have their settings to not recieve messages from randoms, makes it even harder. You think theres a way to teach them so we can pass it on to everyone how to make the event heroic. Like I dunno maybe bungie including a guide in the character tab on how to make public events heroic. It'd save a lot of typing, and potentially salty players. Dont hate on the topic, I wanna see how you all teach new people who dont have a mic, wont join your party, cant message, and dont know how to make it heroic. Thanks all!!



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