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12/27/2018 10:24:54 PM

Blood and Water: Part 33

[spoiler]Cell-3=Celle Briggs Student Nazo=Nate Briggs (Dead) Snowy=Miss Snow HoTh=John Hothman xX_miniatimat_Xx=Mini (Dead) TheGreatAdidas=Greg Adler Hammerfist1245=Xavier (Dead) Mjolnirschpang=Mjol (Dead) NIL=Ninette (Dead) MØØSE=Tom "Moose" Martin Artemis=Arty Crowe (Dead) Verminator=Verm Digsby (Dead) Zbruh=Zhenya Deatheater200=Jason Darth Turtle=Daniel Turk Ems468=Ems OrangeThirteen=Oran Secondary character: John Watson=Walter "Watts" Hutsen[/spoiler] "Next question!" Said Mjol brightly. Moose was silent in disbelief. "Y-you....." He stammered. "I'll take that as a question." Said Mjol. "My name is Benjamin Avery Bradley Thomas Peters Junior. Quite a mouthful I know" he sighed. "Why? What is going on? Why are you doing this?" Blurted Moose. "I'll start from the beginning shall I?" Mjol paced around the room in front of Moose in slow, steady steps, fiddling with his hands. "Eight years ago, I left the house that I was born in. I left America. I didn't have a place to go, I didn't have any money, but I left. I needed to escape my impending fate as men my age were being pulled from their homes to die in a war they didn't start. After six long arduous months of traveling, I came to France. I managed to get a job, get a small home, perfect the French language, and find a girl I loved. After another year, we were married and had a daughter. Life went on from there. We had two more daughters and a son, and lived happily in that little town in northern France. But the war also went on. The Germans invaded, the Brits countered, and once the British camps came too close for comfort, I decided it was time to leave again." Mjol motioned to John, who stepped forward and handed him something. A newspaper. "You recognize this I presume?" Mjol held to Moose's face that awful paper he had kept since 1945. "You killed my family, Tom." He said softly. He didn't sound angry. "We made our way around the outskirts of your camp with our children. That's when we saw the planes." Moose looked away, his memories of that night spiraling through his mind, his guilt putting a lump in his throat. "When the first shell dropped, Claudette and Victor died. The second, Nathalie, Jeanne, and Lucie. I tried to pull them to safety, but I moved too late." "And this is all because of me?!" Screamed Moose. "You're killing innocent people because of me?!" "No Tom. I'm getting to that part." Said Mjol, exasperated. "After their deaths I felt something. It wasn't sadness it wasn't grief it was..........peace. I couldn't quite understand this feeling. I searched for an answer to this unknown emotion, but found nothing." Mjol handed the paper back to John. "You're already familiar with the ancient Romans beliefs on death. We know what you found in the library. So why don't you tell me, what happens when you die?" "I don't know, but I know it's none of that Roman shit" spat Moose. Mjol chuckled. "That's where you're wrong. In my search to find why I didn't mourn my wife and children, I came across a book about different cultural beliefs on death. the chapter about the Romans was quite enlightening. What I read sounded so right to me. I finally understood death." Mjol paused. "What? No comment?" He said with a quizzical grin. Moose glared at him menacingly. "I'll just continue then" said Mjol. "Death is the true answer to all of humanity's crises. We don't seem to be afraid of killing, so why not dying? In death, there is life. There is judgment, and eternal peace. No families will be ripped apart, no wars, no pain, crime, sadness, grief. In death, we will all live in happiness for eternity. Of course there's still judgement to be dealt. The criminals and enemies of man will go to Tartarus, but after they have paid for their wrongdoings, they too will know peace. The heros of man will get the rewards they deserve in Elysium, and the patrons of common life will have rest in the Fields of Asphodel. Death can release us." Moose was quiet. This man was insane



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