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12/30/2018 12:26:24 PM

Small, casual, friendly clan looking for a couple extra members.

The Divine Kegals is a small guild made up of mostly rl friends who are looking for a couple more members to fill things up. First off their are no requirements for joining, with the exception of having a sence of humor. We are jokers and love to give each other a hard time. Also we all work mid nights and our prime time for playing is 8am to 1pm eastern so if you also work nights or are from another time zone and want similar schedules then we may be for you. We do gambit crucible comp crucible and strikes and night falls almost daily and will gladly take u along. We dont raid very frequently so if that's what your looking for u may not be happy here. Other than that if this sounds good to u send a message to mr_mCmel on psn for inv.
#only #PS4 #Clans



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