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Xarenにより編集済み: 12/29/2018 1:47:24 AM
Looking at your stats, you have at minimum 200 days before you can complete the Chronicler seal. This is because you have 2 out of 11 Truth to Power lore entries. If you want to get this seal done, make sure you visit Mara every high curse week. Basically, it means you have time to get everything done :) Also, according to your triumphs, you are not missing Pilgrimage, but King's Wrath. That one is in the Ascendant Realm when you do the Heroic Public Event in the Strand. Instructions: 1) Start the public event (rift generator) 2) After the first round, kill the two blights that appear in the initial zone, and the zone that is not active. 3) After clearing the second zone, kill the blight that spawns there 4) Kill the three taken witches 5) When you spawn into the Ascendant Realm, turn around so you are facing away from the boss. 6) Find the small rock to your left, the crystal will be behind it in a crack. I found the information on what you are working on here:;id=3305936921 Here is a video where it is:



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