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12/24/2018 2:40:27 PM

Weapon Frame Quest Frustration - Please Fix Bungie

Hey Everyone, I have one small issue with weapon frame quests that is starting to bug me a little bit and I hope Bungie will address it at some point in time. I have been doing a lot of bow frame quest to get le monarque and in doing so there is one part of the quest that just drives me nuts. The basics go (see below) Step 1: Get 20 multi-kills with bow Step 2: Get 20 radiant seeds **Step 3: Return to Ada-1 just to receive another quest step*** Step 4: Ignite izanami forge Step 3 is a totally waste of time. I'm mean seriously... Here how it goes 1) Get weapon frame quest from Ada-1 2) Go to orbit and select a planet 3) Complete quests steps 1 and 2 4) Go to orbit and select tower 5) Get quest step from Ada-1 6) Go back to orbit and select desired planet 7) Complete forge. I mean, why can't I complete steps 1 & 2 then go straight to the forge? Please fix bungie.



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