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Knavenformedにより編集済み: 12/22/2018 7:45:03 PM

Ranking up Infamy is painfully slow

I am currently at Fabled III with a 7 winstreak solo in Gambit. Considering that Gambit is forcefully atleast two rounds, the amount of Infamy I gain for a win is about 1/4 of the level up. I see a lot of complaints about Gambit being too long, but I like it. Makes it more impactful, and your loadout can affect the speed quite a lot. But what my problem is that for my time investment, I have to play for an hour or so to get one sub-rank up. I have played more Gambit than Crucible this season, or so it feels like with me having Breakneck and still playing, but in Crucible I have already reset my rank once, in Gambit, still grinding at Fabled. Seriously I'd expect atleast half a level up on a 5 win streak, letalone seven streak. Solo.



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