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Blood and Water: Part 32

[spoiler]Cell-3=Celle Briggs Student Nazo=Nate Briggs (Dead) Snowy=Miss Snow HoTh=John Hothman xX_miniatimat_Xx=Mini (Dead) TheGreatAdidas=Greg Adler Hammerfist1245=Xavier (Dead) Mjolnirschpang=Mjol (Dead) NIL=Ninette (Dead) MØØSE=Tom "Moose" Martin Artemis=Arty Crowe (Dead) Verminator=Verm Digsby (Dead) Zbruh=Zhenya Deatheater200=Jason Darth Turtle=Daniel Turk Ems468=Ems OrangeThirteen=Oran Secondary character: John Watson=Walter "Watts" Hutsen[/spoiler] After another uneventful few days, Celle was getting worried. No bodies had been found, and his dreams were getting worse. Always the same dream, but more terrifying every night. Nate would burst into flames, disappear into black smoke, dissolve into dust, explode, and fall apart. He would die again and again every night when Celle involuntarily said those horrible words: [i]"I hate you Nate!"[/i] He could no longer sleep. He hadn't told anyone about the dream, and he tore himself apart trying to understand why Nate was torturing him. Daniel noticed this too. He was always awake during the night due to his paranoia. He would sleep during the day when all his "enemies" were working. He was up every night when Celle would be startled awake by his nightmare and sit alone in his bed for hours. Sometimes crying, sometimes drinking, sometimes leaving the room and not returning until daylight. Daniel left him alone. He didn't think Celle wanted people to know he was like this. _________________________________________________ John took a deep breath, and knocked on the door. "Are you wearing the mask?" Said a voice from within "Yes" answered John. "Enter" John opened the door and stepped into the room. Mortis was standing on his head with his feet against the wall for support. He was still wearing the colored mask. The room was a mess. The remains of a pillow lay in the corner, while it's contents were scattered about the room, layering everything in white fluff. "Really? Feathers?" Said John "You took too long and I got bored." Said Mortis simply. He kicked off from the wall and landed on a crouched position. He straightened up. "I'm assuming you have them, otherwise you wouldn't have returned." Said Mortis in a sickeningly cheerful tone. John nodded. In his hands was a big metal canister. It looked quite like a fire extinguisher, but white. "What about the other?" Said Mortis. John reached inside his pocket and pulled out a crumpled newspaper. "Excellent" exclaimed Mortis. "Go get him." _________________________________________________ Celle woke with a start, but this time it wasn't from his dream. He heard a noise. It sounded like a muffled yell and a door slamming. He checked the clock. It read 2:17 He sat up and looked around for the source of the noise. Everyone seemed to be In their place, fast asleep. Even Daniel, which was odd. Celle stood up and looked again. No, not everyone was here. [i] "Moose"[/i] he thought ___________________________________________________ Moose was sitting strapped to an uncomfortable metal chair with a bag over his head. He had a rather large lump in his skull from where he had been bludgeoned unconscious a few hours earlier. Suddenly the bag was ripped from his face. John was standing before him with a bat in his hand. "Oh for goodness sake John, put on your mask." Said a voice behind Moose. Mortis walked into the room, keeping his eyes trained on Moose as he stepped around him. "Welcome!" Said Mortis loudly. "I am so grateful to finally meet you." Moose remained silent. "Well that's rude." Said Mortis grimly. "If you don't want to talk then we won't get anywhere at all." "If you brought me here to kill me, kill me." Spat Moose "Oh I don't want to kill you. Not yet at least. How about I explain what's going on shall I? I am going to answer every question you have. I promise I'll be honest, and tell you everything you want to know." Said Mortis. The way he was acting was strange to Moose. He was giddy and eccentric for a moment, and polite and formal the next. "Why?" Said Moose "That's a good first question. Here's the answer: I feel so naughty keeping secrets. It's not who I am. I am an open book, and I believe in fairness. You and your friends haven't been getting anywhere by yourselves, and it's made me feel bad knowing the game isn't fair. So, what are your other questions?" "Who are you?" "I knew you'd ask that." He carefully pulled apart the tie on the back of his mask. Moose looked at him, horrified and surprised. Mjol stood before him. Very alive and looking very pleased with himself



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