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"Destiny: Taken King Show Reel 2015" (Vimeo)



Not cool!


Don't care.


Good job! Wow!


[quote][b]Richard Lico[/b] Thanks for watching my latest reel. This includes the animation work I've done over the last year for Destiny: The Taken King, as well as some recent emotes. In my role as principal animator, I'm able to participate in many different areas of the game, from tech advancements, to player/combatant gameplay animation, to cinematic animation. In addition to this, I continue to serve as animation director for the player as well as our MTX (micro-transaction) emote effort. Breakdown: 1) Zombie Dance Emote (AKA Thriller): 100% keyframe animation, no mocap. 2) Player Gameplay Clips: 100% keyframe. I had the pleasure of animating many of the new gameplay abilities for the player, including the new sword heavy weapon, as well as the hammer super, hammer actions, hammer navigation set, smoke dodge, and PvP rift dunk. 3) Combatant animation: 100% keyframe. I took on much more combatant animation this time around. I ended up doing lots of animation for the Cabal Bros (melee guy), Pandora Knight, Oryx, Raid Oryx, and the Taken Ogre (forget his name). Pandora knight was prototyped by Jason Robertson. Oryx sword slam was prototyped by Anthony Partridge. I did final animation on those clips. 4) 1st person shock pistol and sidearm. 100% keyframe. I really enjoy doing 1st person animation on occasion. Both were prototyped by David Helsby, and I did final animation. 5) Emotes: The Hammer Dance, and the Warlock Glide Dance are 100% keyframe animations. The rest of the emotes were based on mocap. I was the actor for all mocap except for the monster dance (aka Backstreet Boys dance), which we hired a professional dancer to do. 6) Gameplay Montage: All gameplay footage here is keyframe. The Titan and Hunter cinematics were partly mocap and I was the actor for both. The Warlock cinematic was keyframe. (mainly because I can't fly...) I'd like to thank Bungie for being a gracious employer, allowing me to showcase this work. And the animation team for being the biggest group of bad-asses ever to set keyframes. Soundtrack is from Destiny.[/quote] [u][b]Mk300mk's notes:[/b][/u] I was amazed that this existed! Wow! edit: Hello?



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