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12/10/2018 7:06:17 AM

History of the Titans: The Dark Ages

Most know that after the Collapse the first guardians that were [i]risen[/i] by ghosts gave way to their human nature and became Warlords. These individuals were just as they sounded: greedy, power hungry, and cruel. The earliest known Titans were among the first Risen that decided to fight back against the Warlords. [spoiler]Unfortunately we do not know the exact time in history when the Guardians were first given classes as we know them today.[/spoiler] The first Risen to fight against the enemies of humanity together were Radagast, Jolder, Saladin Forge, and Perun. All four were Titans except Perun, who was a Hunter. Led by Radagast, the Iron Lords were born. They soon grew in ranks, the Titan Bretomart being among them. The Titans of that era were led by Radagast's mighty sword and were the backbone of the beginning of the Guardians. At the Replication Chamber where the Iron Lords fought and died to contain SIVA, only Saladin Forge survived. The only reason he made it out is that Lady Jolder, founding member and Titan, sacrificed herself to save Saladin and contain SIVA. We later fight her SIVA possessed remains at the end of the RoI campaign. Saladin went on to help establish the Last City and build its walls. He fought in several major engagements including Twilight Gap. In Rise of Iron to the present he is the leader of the new incarnation of the Iron Lords. [spoiler]This is the first official part of my history of the Titans lore recap. Hope you enjoyed it. Cheers![/spoiler] [spoiler]For those that were wondering, Archival Mind has won the #lore election. He is now officially our very own reclusive Osiris type guardian. Good game to the other contenders, you were great![/spoiler]



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