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12/11/2018 11:45:08 PM


Hello! I’m Achromate (A kind of Vision Problem) and, in small words, i see in the Grey Scale and i have some difficulties to recognize enemies. I’m asking for somethings (NOT SPOTTING) to see enemies better, for exemple Feature for change contrast/shader of the enemies, up/down them, also the characters highlight. Maybe reading it, it may be difficult, but it’s easier then colorblind options (for who have problems like me they are useless), because it’s not needed to change completely the colors of the game, but only contrast of enemies or the highlight/health bare color/shaders editable. Tah is not spotting, but only see enemies similar to people who have none or less vision problems. (These types can be useful also for who have minor vision problems). Thank you for reading I also hope that you can be a little interested also if you have no similar problem.



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