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Gemellion93により編集済み: 12/11/2018 6:19:51 PM

[ps4] Error codes: centipede, chicken. & guitar - after installing 2.1.2 update.

Hmm. Can't access D2 after the update. It was working fine yesterday. Started with [centipede] x3. Now it's consistent [chicken] codes. Now I get a-lot of [chicken] "Attention: Contacting Destiny 2 servers". Can't log in. Throwing this out there if anyone else runs into it on the PS4. >update: Now I'm able to log in and keep having "Attention: Contacting Destiny 2 servers." pop up during play. >>update 2: error code [guitar] in the tower. everything is moving rrrrreeeaaallly slowly.



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