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12/9/2018 10:41:01 AM

Gofannon to Death



Go Gofannon Urself


Change Timer to Nightfall's


Straight to the point! Volundr is hot tomato sauce goodness but this damn Gofannon forge is a conglomeration of good mechanics, immune boss, and 360 no scope snipers. In Volundr you can pew pew enemies and have fun, like legit fun... In Destiny... where we know damn well Bungie hates fun. Anywhozzles, take a trip to Gofannon and boy you are gonna rage quit the moment you are hit with shock shanks (WHY!?), Couple that with immunity servitors, aaaaaand you are teleported everywhere. Did I mention the boss can move to the respawn point and camp there spawn killing the living Gjallarhorn out of you? Then when you survive the camping, pop your super and get past the nonses, the boss just fcks off to the other side of the arena. there goes your blade barrage, rockets launchers, anything you threw at the bastard. Now, these mechanics I like, they add challenge and makes you prioritize targets during the fight instead of going Commando Rambo and killing everything on sight. BUT!! Here's the big but and all the buts inbetween... YOU HAVE A FUKING TIMER TO WORRY ABOUT!!? Why? Why is there a timer on this? I get it, put preassure on the player to do shit fast, artificial difficulty, woba luba dub dub. But when you couple that crap with shanks that zap, servitors that Hax, and the boss going Thanos with other servitors... How... HOW DO YOU EVEN!!? I beat the boss, for those ready with the "U suck git gud scrub" bullets lock and loaded, I beat the boss and got my sniper from this forge so calm your tits down. Have I been able to beat it again? Hell no, even using the same strategy as the first time, I cannot just fathom the idea of ever doing this forge again. Let's not forget about fast firing snipers all over the damn place, also immunized by the servitors, then you have a servitor immunizing the living thorns of the boss, then you have the boss immunizing the living chaos reach of the tiny servitors. OH AND LET US NOT FORGET ABOUT THE TIMER!! THE FUKING TIMER OF ALL THINGS NONSENSE IN GOFANNON!! We you have a obsession with timers Bungie, but come on now, this is just ridiculous. AT LEAST, since we know your source of hardons is timers, AT LEAST increase the time for this. 1:30 mintues for a boss that teleports, snipers everywhere, immunity servitors, shocking skanks... I mean shanks, the boss teleports you, how are we supposed have fun with this? My take is, yes I love the fight, the mechanics play nicely with each other and the struggle is real when fighting which just pumps my adrenaline levels, BUT THE FUKING TIMER is a no no. I'm sorry, but no. NO. This timer nonsense is just isn't compatible with this fight style. The enemy stalls A LOT, and you put a timer on it WHY!!? Instead of being pumped to keep fighting, several times my team and I just rage quitted because of the timer. THE TIMER!! Not the fast firing snipers, not the immunizing servitors, not the boss teleporting away, teleporting you, immunizing servitors and the servitors immunizing it, just use tether or tractor cannon and BAM no more immunity... BUT THE DAMN TIMER CANNOT BE TRACTOR CANNONED AWAY!! So yeah, this precious timer of yours is the sole reason why my team just refuses to do Gofannon. As soon as I mention Gofa... NOPE, HELL NO, FUK THAT FORGE WE DOING VOLUNDR!! And again, the fight is excellent, difficult as hell and worthy to participate in, but this timer man, just no. No, no no. Please, no. No timers. The way the fight for Gofannon unfolds CANNOT, and I seriously mean this, CANNOT SUPPORT A DAMN TIMER!! I want you to REMOVE the timer, hell you can got nightfall mode and tie it to extra rewards, emblems, hell even a black armory exclusive aura with emblems! BUT NOT, I repeat, NOT A DAMN GAME ENDER! Again, the timer is the sole reason why my team refuses to do Gofannon, and when I convince them to do it, guess what? The damn timer is the sole reason we just stop fighting. As soon that clock hits 40 seconds and the boss is 50% HP and perpetually immunized, time to jump ship boys, we are not getting this W. Rant over, come at me now fellas



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