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Problems in Competitive system.

Its often frustrating for me to play Destiny 2 competitive crucibles for these reasons. 1) Items and skill gaps I've had so many matches that went one sided so many times. I was playing with a friend and were given two other teammates with lvl 14 and 20 against 3 stack players with full lvl and items for pvp, now how are we suppose to win such matches when we have two rookies who lack skills/items? 2) too many unfair matches Whats the matter with 3vs4 matches or 2vs3 matches that occurs sometimes? When the map mode is controlling zones, it creates disadvantages for players who are outnumbered. 3) So many disconnects and lags during matches I've been disconnected time to times and I can't even reconnect in the game like...?? And People get suspended for getting disconnected from games. Im so upset how they create tough grinds in competitive matches which is all good by intentions.. but when they can't provide fair and solid matches It's just a pain in the ass. I have left few matches because of reasons above and im suspended for leaving matches, Yeah leaving matches are selfish behaviors but when the game is so unfair, I just wanna freaking quit. What do you guys think? Am I the only one having these problems when grinding comp matches?



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