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12/9/2018 3:04:18 AM

Possible Exotic ideas

Bungie Make this!


Go back to the hole you came from!


Finishing a possible trio starting with risk runner Flame spitter: Exotic Perk: Kindling When you take solar damage while this weapon is equipped, FlameSpitter's shots gain an arc but leave behind a burning area of effect for a short period of time. *Think Napalm from year 3 Dragon's Breath* Alongside this, gain increased resistance against solar damage. continuous hits from solar sources grant this effect. Masterwork: While Kindling effect is active, fire from your reserves rather than from the magazine. Nova'sPact: When you take void damage while this weapon is equipped, this weapon gains a brief period of where it's shots create a debuffing effect, causing enemies hit by this weapon to take more damage from all sources. While this effect is active, gain increased resistance against void damage. Masterwork: rapid hits with this weapon stacks damage buff up to 3 times, but lowers time that the debuff is active. Mask of the Broken Bubble: "Ward of Dawn isn't like it used to be any more" While this exotic is equipped, You cannot use the sentinel shield super. Ward of dawn gains increased health and blocking damage with ward generates orbs of light for you and your allies. (Defensive Strike may or may not last longer depending on your thoughts.) Masterwork: Staying inside Ward of Dawn increases your super regeneration. Tell me what you guys think about my exotic ideas.



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