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12/5/2018 7:23:01 PM

Those Black armory items

I had a thought as I was grinding my brain cells for those reskinned black armory stuff, till I decided to have some fun on some good looking blue common weapons and realized Bungie coulda done something way better than reskinned Legendary Year 1 items. Cause ya gotta admit...maybe to some. For instance the blue weapons such as Bayesian MSu burst rifle just looks so dang beefy I wish it's a legendary. Cuboid ARU. Best looking auto rifle and yet it's hardly a rifle as a blue. Then Cydonia AR1, that takes me back when I manage to get it the first time. I look back and D1's gears still looks great and wish they bring a few back. Bungie had the chance to make these shine bright as a Black Armory- reskinned but legendary with great perks. Just an idea, hopefully it makes sense. ^^



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