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Cagz021により編集済み: 12/2/2018 3:35:52 AM

Year 1 NF Exclusive Weapon (Duty Bound) Super Low Drop Rate

Been farming this Duty Bound weapon for like 2 days already, like 30 times, and still no drop. My NF score for savathun's song is 200k+ with the 3rd emblem. Seems that almost all year 1 NF exclusive weapons/items have super low drop rate even you are already above the 100k score threashold. Unlike forsaken/year 2 NF exclusive weapons, they have a good drop rate if you met the 100k score, it can even drop the 1st to 3rd run. This is a crazy especially if you're hunting for those year 1 NF weapons that you don't have yet. Bungie pls fix this.



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