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12/2/2018 10:14:36 PM

A broken game

Ok, so image you just spent the last 4 hours tryna no petras run. You beat vault, and you pick up all the ammo. You even have everyone leave and rejoin (at different times) after riven. But somehow, some -blam!-ING how, you STILL -blam!-ING GUITAR. This is a joke. Bungie doesn't give a -blam!-. Its been THREE MONTHS and they still haven't fixed it. Do you know how embarrassing that is? These guys at bungie get mad -blam!-in stacks for doing nothing. Just think of Crota and how broken he was. They figure they can just get away with doing nothing. WELL YOU -blam!-ING CAN'T. If, and I mean IF this gets fixed, me and my whole team should be given the triumph. Seriously, it's -blam!-ing embarrassing how long it takes for anything to get done, especially scince they have THREE COMPANIES working on it at the same goddamn time! Destiny three had better be on a different engine or some shit cuz it takes way to long for anything to get done.



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