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12/1/2018 8:11:53 PM

#lore Speaker Primaries

[spoiler]As many of you know, recently there have been a series of challenges set up by community members to appoint users as an official Vanguard of the #lore subforum. It has been a week since the last challenge ended.[/spoiler] As a United Vanguard, me and my Hunter and Warlock counterparts call for an election to appoint a Speaker over the #lore forums. The Speaker is an individual who has a deep connection to the light and the Traveller, speaking for both from the fount of his wisdom. In this post please nominate whosoever you believe would make a worthy Speaker (you may nominate yourself). Unless the results are overwhelmingly in favor of one candidate, we will be holding the true , final election next weekend. (If there are more candidates than a poll allows them we will hold run-off elections.) May only the Worthy Speak.



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