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Titans- An Introduction

[quote] What does it mean to be a Titan? As a Titan, you are a part of the City - in a way no Warlock or Hunter could understand. The dream of the City rests upon our shoulders.[/quote] This is the introduction of a series of posts I plan on making detailing Titans, their impact, and their rich history. Titans as a class are known as powerhouses of offense and defense. Our strength is in our Fortitude, our strength to withstand. Hunters are flexible and live in the wilds. Warlocks have knowledge of arts beyond normal skill and live to learn the secrets of the world. But Titans, Titans are soldiers. Yes there are differences from one to the next but the common thread that binds all true Titans together is honor and strength. Even the rogue faction of Titans the [i]Sunbreakers[/i] held to honor if not the city. So starting after this post I will be making frequent posts on the history of Titans and their various individuals and factions. So for now I leave you with a quote that I believe sums up a key part of being a Titan: [quote] "No hard feelings?” —Unknown party “What are feelings?” —Unknown Titan [/quote]



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