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Account DELETED when linking accounts

Dear Bungie, I have been a big fan of Destiny 1 and, since a few weeks, of Destiny 2. I have a problem … you see, when I played Destiny 1, I made sure to complete EVERY moment of triumph to get the bonuses in Destiny 2 at launch. I played so much this game to have, for example, the gjallarhorn, and mostly for fun. I was so hyped for Destiny 2, that the moment we were able to link our old account (TIT4NIUM A on xbox one in my case) to the new one (EKINOOX on Blizzard), I did it. The problem is, at the time, there was a bug which made our old account deleted and overwritten by the new one (which has no progression and is empty). I then stopped playing for personal reasons. This bug had been reported a day or two after that and I believe you patched it and/or put a warning in the process. Since then, I sold my Xbox one to buy a PC and to my surprise, when I got Destiny 2, I realized that I couldn’t get the emblem and other rewards (looked for it and that’s when I discovered the old bug). I decided to let it go, maybe it was a delay… I know you can’t get my old account since it was probably deleted in the process, but can I at least have access to the rewards of the moments of triumph I’ve put so much work on to unlock? I would greatly appreciate that from you! Have a nice day/night, Sincerely yours, EKINOOX—TIT4NIUM A [Étienne]



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