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Paid carries/recoveries are not upheld to enforcement of the terms of service like us normies are

Edit 3: My final edit for those who can't seem to bother themselves with reading the link in Edit 1 (Don’t engage in fraud or unauthorized transactions. For example, don't: Lend, transfer, sell, or otherwise provide third parties access to your accounts or Gamertags Access or attempt to access accounts that you do not own Purchase memberships, games, gift cards, account credit, or content from unauthorized parties Attempt to use or share fraudulent methods for getting memberships, games, gift cards, account credit, content, or hardware Use your account to trade services or in-game content for memberships, games, gift cards, account credit, or content Resell or redistribute any part of Xbox Live) Edit 2: I don't have all day to respond to the toxic mess that is a good chunk of this community, Bungie is violating the TOS regardless of your opinions, personal attacks, trolling, and strawman arguments. I'm finished responding to and moderating posts. The "it's not affecting you" argument is ridiculous, and can easily justify whatever your deluded mind wants it to. Edit: Bungie, by not enforcing the Microsoft terms of service you are at fault. Every single account used to advertise third party services through your own site and app is another example of your double standard and disregard for the rules. I made a post recently calling out Bungie on their inactive enforcement of the terms of service against blatant advertising of paid carries and recoveries and called out a specific twitch streamer as one of the guilty parties along with claiming Bungie did not have the balls to enforce their own terms of service unless it's us regular players and fans. Well it happened, action was taken against me by censoring said players name along with a threat that I was harrasing said person by posting this, meanwhile the party in question along with hundreds if not thousands openly practices blatant disregard for the terms of service every day with no repercussions of any kind. I could react negatively and be combative but at this point it's not even worth it. It's good to know theirs such a thing as protected classes when it comes to following the rules. My former post was closed and marked as answered as damage control and I was directed to a link to report said person just so that this topic could be ignored and I would hopefully get over it. I don't regret posting it one bit. For the first time that I've personally seen people actually had a conversation about something we all see and ignore and I'm tired of it being an openly okay form of hypocrisy when it comes to following the rules. As a Destiny 1 veteran I'd like to hope I have some pull when I say Bungie get your act together and actually enforce your own rules and please stop with this double standard. [spoiler]Moderator edit: This thread has been moved to #Feedback forum so that other Destiny players can weigh in.  [url=] See Cozmo's thread here[/url] for more information about the #Feedback tag and its uses. Feel free to private message the moderator who moved your post, link to topic for further clarification about why this topic was moved.[/spoiler]



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