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Blood and Water: Part 27

[spoiler]Cell-3=Celle Briggs Student Nazo=Nate Briggs Snowy=Miss Snow HoTh=John Hothman xX_miniatimat_Xx=Mini (Dead) TheGreatAdidas=Greg Adler Hammerfist1245=Xavier Mjolnirschpang=Mjol NIL=Ninette (Dead) MØØSE=Tom "Moose" Martin Artemis=Arty Crowe (Dead) Verminator=Verm Digsby Zbruh=Zhenya Deatheater200=Jason Darth Turtle=Daniel Turk Ems468=Ems OrangeThirteen=Oran Secondary character: John Watson=Walter "Watts" Hutsen[/spoiler] Verm rounded the corner of the hallway and halted. He, Moose, Ems and Oran had been pursuing John for nearly ten minutes now. He had lead them in and out through rooms and corridors across the ship, separating them at every turn until Verm was left all alone. Verm had managed to keep up with John, and thought he was right on his tail until he turned the corner and vanished from sight. He peered down the intersecting halls. He couldn't see John nor hear the sound of footsteps. [i]"Hide and seek huh? I used to be good at this game........ "[/i] thought Verm as he paced the hall. He stopped at every door and listened for the sound of heavy breathing. At some rooms he heard maids chattering about their day, and in some he heard men cheering and the sound of glass breaking. He kept going until he stopped in front of an unmarked door. Before he had assumed in was a closet, until he put his ear to the wood and heard voices. "You were given a simple task, and yet you let the Makeshift Detectives get in your way once again." The voice was calm. It sounded serene and peaceful but riddled with a threatening tone. "There was nothing I could have done! They found Elway." Said the unmistakable voice of John. "You could have run. You were foolish and did not think of anything but yourself. They were not armed, they could not hurt you, but I can. I can make you feel pain like you've never felt before. And yet you flee the silly children and come directly to me, the only threat to you." "Y-you wouldn't." Stammered John. "You need me" "Not for much longer, and if you slip up again you'll regret it. From what you've told me, I know that Briggs will die, and that is your fault. You killed out of order. The first rule I gave you." "I'm sorry. I panicked. It won't happen again." " *sigh* I'm afraid the only thing to do now is abandon The Ninth and try to even out your mistake. You have however, succeeded in fixing part of your mistake" "How?" "Bringing me another lost soul to save." A gunshot echoed through the ship, and Verm looked down at the hole ripped through his chest as his blood seeped through his blue and white uniform. ___________________________________________ Celle ran along with the stretcher that bore his brother. Nate was fading in and out of consciousness, his eyes drooping and snapping back open. He tried to speak but all that came out was a soft murmur. "You'll be okay Nate, you'll be okay." Panted Celle. The stretcher suddenly ceased jostling about. To Nate not a second had passed, and yet he was in a totally different place. People in white garments shuffled about repeatedly stabbing him in the chest (or so it felt) He heard his brother calling his name, but the sound of Celle's voice grew fainter and fainter as though he was at the other end of a dark tunnel. "Celle....." Murmured Nate. His breath stopped, his hands relaxed, and he was gone. To be continued



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