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11/24/2018 8:04:26 AM

One shot Stickys!!

So I feel this has to be said.. Since D2 launch the game has had many changes.. But to summarise we have shotguns back how they were in D1.. We have one shot shoulder charges back.. Luna and NF people stomping quickplay.. Next season a grenade launcher for comp vets.. With all the above especially the shotgun an shoulder charge change.. Why #BUNGIE have we not seen a return to one shot Stickys seems only fair.. Its at least some constellation when your getting smashed to bits with shotguns an luna. To see them blow up on your death screen shot Stickys were a great counter to shotguns. In D1.. Its only fair bungie if your gonna create a state of game like we have that u return them too.. Dam I was evil in D1 with double Stickys.. Lol



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