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11/23/2018 4:33:48 AM

Let us pick one item from Year 1 for the 2018 Dawning Festival





Yayn't (Undecided)


I've been thinking about this idea for a while now and right it seems like the perfect time to bring it up. The Dawning event is all about celebrating the end of a year and giving thanks for what we've achieved (and for all the bullcrap we've endured as a community). What better way for Bungie to show us appreciation for sticking with them this whole time than give us this opportunity: You can pick 1 single item, whether it's an armour piece or a ghost shell, from the entire list of Destiny 2 Year 1 items that are no longer available to us, including previous events such as Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris. I'll even throw in a few stipulations: -They cannot have random rolls on them. They are as is from how they were from Year 1. -YOU CAN ONLY PICK ONE -You cannot acquire ornaments Think about it. We as a community have been through so much ridicule, hate and broken promises that Bungie giving us this token present as a 'Thank You' to the community would be a welcome change. And they've shown us that they can bring back Year 1 content with the release of the Temporal Surge. Imagine that, but for ghost shells, armour pieces or weapons!



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