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LordNuker08により編集済み: 11/19/2018 2:40:49 PM

Carries and Recoveries - Private Investigation

So, I and my friends decided to investigate this carries and recoveries business to check out the legitimacy and extent of service provided. We have all seen posts of NF/LH widespread pain and people blaming it to be the cause of PvP woes. Our curiosity was to see if this is true or just a lame excuse by scrubs. [b]Identities have been masked to protect the hidden.[/b] Investigators Scrub 1: Me pretending to be a rich 16yo who wants a cool GT account with LH/NF so my school friends can play with me. Scrub 2: My friend who will invest in this investigation as he's rich (and spoiled!) Scrub 3: My other friend who is a wicked business minded person and good at pushing people to deliver the promise. Scrub 4: Another friend who is a network genius (like me!) Carriers: Turd 1: This guy has NF/LH and uncountable valour/glory reset. Turd 2: Same as above but a bit bossy Turd 3: He has LH but no NF (what a loser!) but hid win ratio is way off the chart. Top 25 trials from past season and a network guru! Turd 4: Streamer with decent followers. He admitted this but I can't verify without account. He said he was this streamer and I can follow him. Apparently you can see the recovery progress via his streams while at work... Great customer service IMHO! Account to be carried: MotherScrub (not real) We used one of our friend's kid's account who used to play destiny but has since moved on to other 'cooler' games which his friends play... (whatever!). We made sure that the account can not be linked back to us via friends or friend of friends or past matches etc. I had access to MotherScrub so that I can login and pretend to be him therefore all conversation is 1st person. This is an XB1 account Initiation MotherScrub (MS) reached out to popular website and an advert on XBL LFG all using gmail contact. [This is XB party chat transcript] Turd 1: Yes, we can do it but need to confirm you are legit. MS: Ok, I am seriously desperate and want to get on with this. How much do you need. Turd 1: You pay us small deposit to prove you are legit. MS: Define small Turd 1: $250 MS: I'll pay 100 Turd 1: Bye MS: Ok, can you just cut me something. Turd 1: Let me check Turd 4: Joins the party MS: How are you? Turd 4: [Introduces himself and long suckup conversation from me continues to get a discount] Turd 4: Ok, 175 now and we can proceed after legit check. MS: Awesome $$$$$ exchanges paypal account Boring party chat to setup the game Turd 3 Joins the party MS: Who is he (Turd 3)? Turd 3: I'm one of your aid. I'll carry you while we check your details. MS: What details, I paid... Turd 4: We are just checking if you are serious and not one of our competitors. MS: Huh?!!! Turd 4: don't worry, it's routine. [Turd 2 joins the party] [we start a competitive] Turd 1, 2, 3 and myself joining a competitive. Turd 4 is in part but not in match. Turd 2 starts and invites me to stream. It has Turd 4 as the only follower! Match starts and turns out to be a 4 (us) v 2. Easy walk in park, I didn't even move. This was a showoff match to impress me. Turd 4: Ok, you are all good and we are happy to carry you. Are you sure you don't want a recovery? You can watch via stream and don't need to be awake to play with us? MS: I am ok with carry, I don't have enough for recovery so don't waste our time. Turd 4: Gives me timetable over weekend and weekdays. 4 day package due to my lack of availability. MS: Ok, done. [$$$ exchanges hands] Turd 4: You will be playing with Turd 1 and he will carry you, you can play of eat popcorn. If things go sound Turds 2 and 3 will help. Me and Turd 1 are best friends for approximately 3 weeks after which I have my LH. I started with 0 ranks! Turd 1 keeps winning every single QP with ~30 kills and 8+ efficiency. He gets a we ran out of medals almost every other game. Turd 2 joins when he is free and with both these turds at higher kills, most of the games are won by mercy. Turd 3 helped us in competitive, seriously we didn't need him because it was almost always 4 v 2 or 4 v 1 whenever he was around ;) I had a total of 20 kills in this whole time, my job was to stop dying and run and hide in a corner (so that i don't become an easy kill). I am short of my friend's $$$$ (who doesn't care as he has enough of this sh*t) [b]Conclusion[/b] This business is real and it works. It can transform your scrub into a LH/NF wielding god. Their customer service is super with more accommodation than what Bungie makes for it's player base. Seriously, I was impressed by Turd 1-4. I won't mind having a drink or 2 with them in a nice bar under different circumstances. Think what you may but these guys are more honest, hard working and entertaining that Bungie! Please note that I have not mentioned any real names or GT and if you are called Turd... then I am really sorry for you. [spoiler]this post is deliberately skewed and posted by me as a first person to protect the original team.[/spoiler]



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