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5/18/2018 12:49:16 AM

Unbalanced Matchmaking: Trash > Sweats ???

Bungie doesn't care about skill/group based MM


Bungie doesn't know how to balance MM


Bungie is scared to not baby the casuals


All of the above


So I decided to try and aim for a win streak in Competitive tonight. However lo and behold I got stuck with the rejects who don't know the first thing about competitive level PvP but were glad to queue up for it. Their KDAs around the 1.4 or below mark which is definitely nothing to be proud of. However that isn't the MAIN topic of this thread. The reason I am posting is because not only am I forced to play with these people but I was even queued THREE vs. FOUR and mind you, that the enemy was a 4-stack, all Hunters. So, I decided to leave. Well apparently Bungie was upset that I did not stick around to try and carry the mechanically challenged subjects that slumped their way onto my team, so I was banned. At this point, I am wondering why I can amazingly get back, to back, to BACK matches of playing WITH trash teammates, but I cannot find myself in any games where there are actually skilled solo-queued players like the ones I more often find myself against. Mind you, almost every match I play I will always have solo-queued teammates but I will still somehow go against a three stack or a pair of two stacks. Did I overlook a patch note that tries to "balance" skill levels? Or has Bungie decided to simply say "Too hell with anyone who doesn't use our LFG" because lets face it, their LFG is either filled with foolish elitist teenagers or clueless dredges that are hoping someone is skilled/experienced enough to carry them through the activity of their choosing.



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