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sonnyshaw6492により編集済み: 11/21/2018 1:20:43 AM

Is wavesplitter suppossed to delete anyone it touches?

I think we have a damage calculation issue similar to prometheus lens with wavesplitter. It is simply deleting my entire team in comp and between wavesplitter, telesto, and one-eyed mask being so unbalanced it's really making pvp an unpleasant experience. Please investigate Bungie... or at least play your own game long enough to realize " oh, the community actually has a point there" Edit: after some testing wavesplitter has a maximum ttk of .7 seconds with direct contact. At max power i believe it's around .44 seconds. In comparison Not Forgotten has an average ttk of 1.33 seconds with perfect aim still only getting you a 1 sec ttk. Being that these weapons are viable at nearly the same range i would like to think that the hardest pvp exclusive weapon to acquire should outmatch a trace rifle. Hopefully this sheds some light on the situation to any PC and XBOX players that don't have to encounter this weapon thanks to its Playstation exclusive status. I have no issues with getting outskilled or outstrategized but i do believe that this doesn't seem as intended.



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