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11/16/2018 9:54:05 PM

Goodbye to all

I'm more than 2 days without sleep with this... and here I am going to speak my indignation and lost time with this game, to be simply banned. I've been playing since the launch of the DLC (I even bought it with the annual pass), and I've been playing since then, with 3 characters with 600 of power level. several hours spent, looking for lore, looking for eggs and doing missions ... after spending the dawn playing destiny 2, I then went to sleep and ended up waking up almost 3pm local time. after waking I normally went in the game I logged into BlizzardApp, and started the game I asked for clanmates, if there's anyone in the 'blind well' with tier 3(going to tier 4) starting tier 3, and then when we were going to boss I had a connection problem ([i]I played for a long time 5min~10min[/i]) I can not remember the error name, but I just clicked 'OK' asked me to start the game using the blizzard application... OK, I close the game and start again. and then I get the message that my account has been [b]BANNED[/b] simply a message saying that I threw time and money in the trash... something that puzzles me is: I got into the game, I still played for a while, and after that I got banned. I'm completely sad, I didn't do anything wrong, I've played a lot of time, with this new DLC I've been playing more often I chose to take the DLC with an annual pass, to have more advantage, and to have future releases... I suffered with many instabilities by the connection part of the game, often receiving message from entering in connection with the game servers, or receiving errors and returning to orbit. the PVP has enough lag, my shots only hits the enemy with delays. I do not believe, that this company does not have a support to contest bans. It's just over, I have no right to review this injustice. no dignity on the part of the company I give up any bungie game I want my money back I'm going back to another game, that the company uses correctly the money of each player. these companies, who care about the users, and offers communication by email, ticket, chat and even telephone. [i]detail: I got all the eggs, I never got the sparrow. detail 2: I made more than 15 last wish, I never got a One Thousand Voices.[/i]



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