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11/16/2018 10:43:18 AM

Graphical Issues

Hello, i started in these days to play destiny and i already want to buy the dlcs. I had already seen that there are already the colorblind options. I have achromatopsia (i can't see colors and differences fron similar color). For us the colorblind options are useless, and we have sone problems - recognize correctly enemies (for exemple elevate the enemies contrast from the ambience); - the type of shields: we don't know which type is because for us it has the same for all. I tried yesterday for hours the PvP and it's very difficult to see enemies in time. For us more contrast, i think, it's sufficient to play like others. Elevate the contrast for us it's not spotting enemies, but permit to play at, more and less, the same level of others (it's not this but in that way it's funny for us. For now it's not funny) It's a feature to up the enemies contrast from the round ambience? The 'normal' contrast don't help me, such the colorblind options, that are useless



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