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11/11/2018 7:35:55 PM

Localization Issues in Forsaken campaign mission The Trickster (russian version)

At the end of the mission of The Trickster, the ghost says the phrase, like, "There are five, three more." As far as I understand, the phrases vary depending on the order in which the missions pass. But in some missions (for example, in The Trickster), an error occurs and the ghost says two phrases in a row, as on the attached video, and it turns out nonsense, like the one shown in the video - the ghost says: "Six names are removed from the list, two more, and then Uldren ... five, there are three more." (In the Russian localization, the subtitles are different from what the ghost says). The problem is present not only in the mission of the The Trickster.



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